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I.N.I.M.A formula for successful AI product launches

Product launches are extremely stressful.

You worked for months on it, what happens if it goes wrong ?

  • it will be a public relations nightmare for your investors

  • you may lose your job and reputation in market

  • your future funding chances will be reduced to zero

  • you will lose trust of your investors, market and users

  • your team will lose all morale

But there's another option...

The "I.N.I.M.A" launch formula -

  • Influencers in loop

  • No half-baked launches

  • Iterative cycles

  • MVP first approach

  • Avoid hypes

Imagine guaranteed success !

  • Going viral on social media with all praises.

  • Getting recommended by industry's top influencers.

  • Long waiting list of customers wanting to buy your product.

  • Investors being proud of your success.

  • Your reputation in market goes sky high.

  • You start seeing great sales beyond expectations from day one.

Here's how this formula works -

  1. Influencers in loop - Your industry's top influencers already know expectations of your customers and strengths (and weaknesses) of your competing products. Engage them from day one of building. Take their inputs on what to build and what not to. Validate your experiments, ideas and prototypes with them. Make them your top product managers !

  2. No half-baked launches - Half baked launches frustrate your users and spoil your image on social media. Do not release till you have an MVP (see below). Test your product with a very small set of users and do not release till it is anything short of great.

  3. Iterative cycles - Do not build for months or years and release big builds. That's proven recipe for disaster. Ask Microsoft Windows team ! Instead follow agile. Release in smaller versions, one-by-one. Release something every two weeks.

  4. MVP first approach - It means to release in small builds which greatly satisfy one need of your customers. Notice emphasis is on "greatly satisfy" and "one need" not two or three. Take one use case and execute it brilliantly. It gives you focus, makes great execution easy and ensures customer happiness.

  5. Avoid hypes - This is especially important for most AI products, which are disruptive and revolutionary by nature. But hype does you no good. It only increases customer expectations and brings intense focus from competition. Both of them are harmful for your product in early phases. Underpromise and over-deliver ! Test and release first few versions silently. Let influencers and customers do the talking.

That's it. I promise you that if you follow this simple formula, you will not only have guarantee of great successful launch, but also of building the right product features. Most of all, it will ensure profits, customer happiness and loyalty.

I hope you'll give this a try !

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