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Large Language Model (LLM) Development & Finetuning 

I help you in building, training and scaling LLM models from scratch till production upto million users. I will also guide you on how to fine-tune LLM model for your domain, as needed.


Chatbot Development

I help you build conversational experience for your customers based on proprietary & open-source models, as per your choice. 


Intelligent Document Processing (PDF)

I help you build text mining pipelines from scratch till production. This includes document parsing engine for all document types (PDF, doc, excel, ppt, txt) and language model training on extracted data for automated insights. 


OCR Engine Development

I help you build OCR engine from scratch till deployment to production. You can choose to build it on top of Tessaract or build own completely.

Get in Touch

Please email me at with your requirements.

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